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You Are My Philanthropic Hero! - 06/14/05
What's that you say? You have too much money on your hands and just don't know what to do with it? Philanthropy runs in your blood and your middle name is Kind-Hearted-Savior? Well, do I have a deal for you! Take that hard-earned/illegally obtained and/or inherited money and give some of it to me!  One generous financial donation is all it would take to make poor ol' Baby D's face break in to an illustrious grin and take care of all of his monetary woes.

My God! Could It Be An Update?!? - 03/07/04
What, it's only been...oh, just shy of 2 years since the last update?  Well...I've been...uhhh...busy.  Yes, busy.  You know, getting married, all that.  It's time consuming!  Yes, that's it, that's my excuse.  Bored enough to want to read about the past 2 years?  Well, tough...I'm too lazy to type all that up.  You can go join Orkut though if you want to keep in touch or catch up.  And did I mention good ol' Bob's opened back up over there <----.  Mayhaps I'll update him, he's much more fun to write about  than my life I dare say

Performance Upgrades - Part VII - New Volcano 7+ HSF - 04/29/02
If dorks can waste money on their cars doing "performance upgrades" to eek a whole horse-power out of their car that they'll never really notice the difference from, then geeks can do the same thing with their noted in this cosmetic and overclocking based upgrade to babydor's box.

More Case Modding! - Part VI - Case Cleanup and Cooling - 04/29/02
Well, it's been too long.  Finally got around to abusing the hardware in my box again.  A shiny silver theme will net the additions of some rounded cables, Crystal Orb and RAM cooling.  Check it out.  Make suggestions. Buy me new hardware....

Upgrade Time! - Part V - P4 Upgrade - 04/29/02
There's nothing like spending money on hardware you can't rationally justify buying.
Hence are next installment of boring things Dor's doing to his computer.
Enter the P4-1.8aGhz CPU and a Asus P4S333 motherboard.

Classifieds / For Sale Section Re-Opens 10/29/01
For those, like myself, who love pawning their old hardware on fellow co-workers, I'm pleased to announce the reopening of's for sale section.  Sure, sure, post somethin on ebay, wait a few weeks and hope someone pays you is always an option...but isn't it more rewarding to pawn stuff off on your coworkers or to buy their old crap?  That way you know where it's going/comes from and it's really easy to bitch someone out the next day (or to know who to avoid for the next few weeks.)  So, enjoy and....BUY MY HARDWARE!  (Dor needs to work on his case mod project after all...)
(And the picture? ...  uhh...  zoo tycoon addiction, I admit it.)

A Complete Re-Design to 10/19/01
It only took a good 4 years or so, but I finally decided to redesign  You'll notice a lot of work still is being done and most of the backend pages still need to be updated...but slowly but surely.  No laughing either.  Web design is not my friend.  Should you have any suggestions or offers of help though, I wouldn't mind in the slightest.  Anyhow, click on Fallout boy over there for a little nostalgia.  (Well, it's nostalgia for me anyway.)

Dor's Case Mod Project Continues - Part IV - Linksys Printer server LED Mod 10/12/01
So I was quite bored one day, had an extra ultra bright 5mm LED...started looking around my desk and noticed this poor little print server with a sad looking, dim little green LED.  Thus began the 4th chapter in my PC modding project.

More Case Modding - Part III - Case Fan Grill Mod  10/04/01
I kept seeing all these laser cut fan grills for sale on just about ever case mod site there is.  Figured I'd join the crowd and slap an atomic 80mm on the back of my Lian-Li PC68.

My Most Stressful Mod So Far - Part II - Case Window Mod  09/29/01
"Why in God's name would you take power tools to the brand new, shiny $200 aluminum Lian-Li PC68USB case you just got  Dor?"
To put a home made clear lexan window in the side of it of course.  Talk about a rather nerve racking project.  What if I   slip?  What if I cut the lexan the wrong size?  What if that dremel bit breaks off and takes out my eye....or the kitten's eye?  What if I had 3 eyes?  I have clairvoyant paranoia...I have pre-cognitive dissidence...
Err...just go look at the pictures.

Let the Modding Begin - Part I - Case LED Mod  09/27/01
If you're going to start hacking apart an expensive computer case, it's best to start simple.  So we start out with a simple alteration to my case's LEDs by replacing both the green and yellow LEDs with two 2600 MCD Blue LEDs from our local Radio Shack.  Nothing like getting your feet wet when it comes to modding.





Updated 03/07/2014




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