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 BABYDOR.COM MOD #3 - FAN GRILL - 10/04/01

Next on our list of mods, we have a simple little fan grill replacement.  The Lian-Li PC68, has a pretty generic fan grill built in to the motherboard tray.  The rear fan is an 80mm Adda, and the grill, as you can see, looks like just about every other case grill out there.

The charming grill in question.

The back of the case before the dremel invasion.

So, seeing as how every mod supply site out there offers laser cut fan grills, I figured I'd join the fray, just like everyone else.  My choice, the atomic 80mm from  Nothing fancy, but leaves a lot of open space for air flow...just don't let your fingers stray too close.  Yet again, we slap on some masking tape and break out our beloved friend, the dremel.  Four quick cuts later, a little grinding down and voila, another big gapping hole in the poor Lian-Li.  (if only it had known what was in store for it, it would have managed to get lost in shipping from Canada I wager.

The requisite masking tape.

Four quick cuts later.

Now it's just a matter of lining up the grill holes with the case holes.  Unfortunately, the posts that hold the fan in place don't quite reach through properly anymore...need to find some new ones at some point.  They'll do the trick for now, two mounted from the inside and the other two from the outside.  Another simple and completely astetic mod with no practical purpose...but it makes you feel oddly good when you're done.

Tada.  Not that exciting, but still nice.

A close up of the grill.

So, that's that...I picked up a nice blue cold cathode as well with the grill, so stop back soon and we'll probably have some shots of it's installation in to the box.  Woo!


Updated 03/07/2004
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